When you are considering place a bet on a sport, you will probably think of popular sports such as football rugby, cricket, or tennis. However, there is one sport that is becoming more and more popular with sports bettors, and that sport is mountain biking. Now, you might possibly think this is a bit odd, but competitive mountain biking is really entertaining and has a lot of unpredictability, which are two ingredients that sports betting fans are always on the lookout for.


What is So Special about It?

Mountain biking is a sport that takes place on off-road terrain, which makes it tricker than other types of cycling. Furthermore, to add to the entertainment levels there are different mountain biking categories that range from standard events like cross-cycling to extreme events like downhill mountain biking. Whether you are watching standard events or extreme ones, there is one thing that is guaranteed and that is pure entertainment. You will get to witness some top athletes test out their endurance, stamina, and mental capacity in some beautiful landscapes and conditions that do not forgive mistakes.

Mountain Bike Betting

Betting on mountain biking is pretty easy as it does not really vary that much when compared to other cycling events. For instance, you can make outright bets where you are simply trying to guess which rider will win the race or event. There will always be many different markets for an event, meaning that boredom will never come into the equation. Once you have acquainted yourself with the simple mountain bike bets, you can start to think about spicing things up a bit by trying to predict the riders that will win a particular stage or by betting on the position that you believe a certain rider will finish in.


The Best Mountain Bike Competitions to Bet on

There are many entertaining mountain bike events that you can bet on, and below we will take a look at some of the more popular ones.

UCI World Cup Series

This multi-round mountain bike event was held for the very first time in 1989. Other categories and events were added to it as the years passed. The races in this event take place throughout the year in countries such as Canada, South Africa, Germany, Scotland, and Austria.

Enduro World Series

This championship is held all over the globe from the beginning or April until the end of September. The racetracks are some of the hardest around and certainly test the skills of the cyclists, especially on the uphill segments. In fact, many would say that this is the hardest off-road event out there. The participants need both speed and stamina in order to do well in this event.

UCI MTB World Championships

In this event different nations compete in three different disciplines that are cross-country, four-cross, and downhill. The rider that wins each discipline is presented with a rainbow jersey and they get to wear this throughout the course of the season when they are participating in similar events.

Who Are the Best Riders at Present?

When it comes to the cross-country category, it is safe to say that Nino Schurter is one of the best around at the moment. He just so happens to be the reigning World Cup, Olympic, and World champion. Other talented mountain bikers are Maxime Marotte and Jaroslav Kulhavy. When it comes the women’s cross-country, there is one that stands out above the rest and she is Jenny Rissveds, who is who is the reigning Olympic champion. Some other talented women mountain bikers are Jolanda Neff and Annika Langvad.

When it comes to downhill mountain biking, Aaron Gwin, Tro Brosnan, and Amaury Pierron are some names to look out for, while we can say the same for Rachel Atherton, Tahnee Seagrave, and Tracey Hannah for the women’s version.

Remember to Gamble Responsibly

Whenever you are betting on mountain biking, there is one thing that you need to remember to do and that is to gamble responsibly. One way that you can do this is by setting yourself a budget and sticking to it. If your budget runs out, stop gambling and keep yourself entertained with something else. We recommend that you take a look at https://www.betcare.net/ as here you can get a gambling fix by keeping up to date with all the happenings in the world of gambling.